Dr. J.W. Stokes – Hinton, West Virginia’s Country Doctor

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    Image from Hinton, WV Gallery   One of the most endearing memories many of us older folks have is that of the country doctor. They were so much a part of Americana! Many of Norman Rockwell’s paintings captured the essence of this wonderful person. Dr. J.W. Stokes was the hometown country doctor of Hinton, West Virginia, and whole Summers County. He delivered me and four of my siblings at home, most of my high school class of 1959 and over 75 percent of the football team. As memory serves, his fee for this delivery was twenty...

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Bob Hammond – A worthy Example

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 Bob Hammond – A worthy Example      Bob had been a friend for years. When I first heard the news that he had suddenly passed away, I felt a little numb, even disbelief, and checked several sources to confirm. Only a few days before I had talked with Bob when he brought in the donuts for the Sunday School classes, a little kindness that he had done for years at our Church.  That was the last time I saw Bob before hearing the news. When I went to the wake, I was immediately overwhelmed at the number of people who came. There were...

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The Revised SAT Test

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The Revised SAT Test      The SAT is a standardized test for most college admissions in the United States. It seems that ‘The College Board’ has plans to overhaul this college entrance exam and make it better align with what children should learn in the classroom.  According to The Associated Press, it is supposed to be more grounded in the real world. The problem with this is that the real world seems to be getting farther away from the academic excellence that we have enjoyed for so long. One of the biggest changes in this test is...

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Cursive Writing – Think Twice Before Taking It Away!

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       Do you ever think that times are moving and changing a little too fast?  Do you love modern air-conditioning, but at the same time relish the memory of a slow moving fan and a pitcher of iced lemonade on the front porch, with neighbors stopping by for a visit?  Oh, we have certainly progressed, and few of us would want to go back, but still, we are losing too many things of value.  Technology is great and the good Lord knows we have come a long way. We have digital this and digital that, we have remote this and remote that....

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Loving America Street

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How a group of young people from Charleston, S.C. have an answer for America’s Inner-City problems        Here in Charleston, South Carolina, on the east side of the city, we have a street named ‘America Street’.  Although they may go by different street names, most every city in America has an ‘America’ street. They are in that part of town where inner-city problems exist, i.e., crime, poverty, drugs, broken or non-existent families, unwed mothers producing multiple babies, unemployment and about every other human problem one...

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Coping With the Loss of a Pet

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                 Just Remember We shall always remember      Those summer days gone by, When ‘neath the trees, on soft green grass,     We watched the clouds float by— And by our side, our kitten played,      Smacking at a bumblebee, Or chasing a butterfly across the yard,      Or a bird from nearby tree. We shall always have those memories,      And she will always be with us, For in our memory our kitten lives—     The one we love so much. (From, ‘The Hobo and the Dog’) Not just once, but...

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Anxiety Disorders & How to Cope

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For those who have to deal with anxiety issues in some form or the other, it is little consolation that so many others are in the same boat. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, about 40 million American adults who are 18 and older have some kind of an anxiety disorder. If this figure is correct, that means that about 18% of the adult population.  According to Web MD, anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times.  Everyday life, especially in these high paced times, gives rise to anxieties that many...

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Music Therapy

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Many emotions and feelings in life are simply part of the human condition. We really do not need an explanation as to why we love sunsets, snow capped mountains, gazing out across the ocean, walking our favorite trail and a myriad of other things that give us a feeling of peace and comfort. Music is one of those things that we innately know as being something special and that has a certain power over our emotions. Although our tastes in music vary, it is a therapeutic common denominator that we all seem to share. It is a therapy that we all...

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Asperger Syndrome – Piano Prodigy

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10 Year old child prodigy – Caleb Borick      Living in the Charleston, S.C. area, I am absolutely delighted with the number of uplifting and inspiring human interest stories that come from this locale.  When I picked up the paper on this beautiful Sunday morning and eventually got to the Arts & Travel section,  I was immediately drawn to a story entitled Piano Prodigy.  This article was written by Creg Cwik, a special writer to The Post and Courier, the mainline Charleston, s. c. newspaper.  Creg Cwik is a Goldring Arts...

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Prayer Therapy

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Prayer will indeed help deliver one from demonic possession and evil, but this concept has largely been misunderstood and exploited by Hollywood. There have been movies and books galore that dwell on demonic possession, exorcism and a myriad of other conditions and practices that are thrown out there basically for their entertainment value.  To compound this misleading view, many of the leaders in the field of psychology in the past, i.e. Sigmund Freud and others, were largely atheistic in their view of psychology. What then happened was...

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