Bob Hammond – A worthy Example


 Bob Hammond – A worthy Example

     Bob had been a friend for years. When I first heard the news that he had suddenly passed away, I felt a little numb, even disbelief, and checked several sources to confirm. Only a few days before I had talked with Bob when he brought in the donuts for the Sunday School classes, a little kindness that he had done for years at our Church.  That was the last time I saw Bob before hearing the news. When I went to the wake, I was immediately overwhelmed at the number of people who came. There were hundreds of people there, and I stood in line for some two hours to pay my respects to the family. It wasn’t that I was surprised that he had so many friends, but from the extent of the kindness that one man had shown to so many. As I stood in line, stories began to surface about all the kind deeds he did for those he found in need! See, Bob was that special person, that Biblical example of how a person is supposed to be. There are those who talk the talk and, perhaps, walk a little of the walk, but Bob’s trademark was quietness. I think very few people actually knew the many ways in which he helped so many.

In his personal life, Bob Hammond had a successful construction business. I do not know the extent of Bob’s wealth, but I do know that he used his resources to fix a need wherever he found it. His generosity and kindness cut all across religions and denominations. It included schools and private citizens. Standing next to me in line was a Jewish Rabbi who had driven down from Myrtle Beach, S.C., a two hour drive up the coast. He heard of Bob’s passing and, he and his daughter, Rachel, drove all the way down to Charleston to pay their respects. The Rabbi shared with me how Bob had sent several children from his daughter’s school to Israel such that they could experience their homeland. Also, he told how Bob had sent in a construction crew and built a playground for their children. We hear a lot these days about American Patriots. Well, Bob was the quintessential patriot.

bob military

A Patriot in Every Way


On special occasions, such as July 4th, he would wear his special American Flag shirt or tie to church. Bob was that American who makes America great. In his work-a-day world, he, more often than not, would wear his cowboy hat, and that, too, was signature Bob.

Among his other strengths, Bob was committed to young people. He had a strong belief in the Biblical admonition that if a child is brought up in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)


bob kids

Bob with Grandchildren Nicholas and Nicole

    He backed up the parents of the youth in our Church in many ways, and was a strong advocate of building the new education building. In addition to financial support, he also volunteered his time as needs arose. A prime example was the work he did with little Daniel, a child diagnosed with severe autism. At times Daniel could not be integrated with other children and needed special attention. For a long time Bob worked with Daniel while other children had their normal Sunday school hour. Daniel’s mother is eternally grateful, and remembers Bob for helping her through these difficult times. There is simply no way to document all of the acts of kindness that Bob did for those in some kind of need. I encourage all who read this article to follow the example of this man. He was constantly looking for a way to help those in need, and has certainly had a humbling affect on me. In reflecting on his life and example, I am inspired to be a better person. This I know for sure! My life is richer for having known Bob, and Heaven just got a little brighter.