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How ‘The Hobo and the Dog ‘ originated:  It was in early spring when Taylor came into our life, and in early spring some three years later when her life ended.  She was a four months old golden retriever pup when we got her, and, as far as we knew, perfectly healthy.  We later learned that she might be suffering from some kind of a congenital disorder; at least this is what the doctor suspected. Being an internet puppy from some puppy farm out in Missouri made the doctor even more suspicious. He said this sometimes happens when the...

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My Rocky Marciano Story

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  Back in ‘68’, when I graduated from Marshall University with a chemistry degree, chemistry majors were in pretty much demand.  Upon graduation, I was offered an interview with a company in Holland, Michigan and was asked to come to their Holland headquarters for an official interview.  The only trouble was that there was no commercial airport in Holland, so the company sent down a private plane (a small Cessna) for this visit.  Holland, Michigan was also the town where former heavyweight Rocky Marciano trained for his matches. The...

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Pet Therapy

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Imagine that your heart is racing wild and that your blood pressure is out of sight. You feel frustrated and nauseous from the things that have gone wrong through the day. Then, your dog climbs up on the couch beside you and lays his head against your shoulder, or your kitten jumps upon your lap and you begin to rub her head as she peacefully drops to sleep as you hold her close. Even the thought of this scenario may begin to slow your racing heart and bring your blood pressure down. This little mental exercise is not really hypothetical at...

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