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From author Tony Ratliff’s stories penned down through the years comes an anthology that contains some of his best selections. We Fly At Dawn is heavy in metaphor and abstraction, designed to make one dwell on the values of commitment and responsibility. As readers immerse themselves in these stories, they will come to appreciate a deeper meaning of life and love.

We Fly At Dawn features five tales that are full of profound messages and life lessons.

In “We Fly At Dawn,” the lead story, a flock of migrating mallards takes on a journey that teaches readers a lot of values and a deeper sense of life and love, and how to deal with disaster and tragedy.

In “High Level Love,” fresh journalism graduate Rex Billings moves to a new town and meets new friends. While there, he encounters an acquaintance who falls in love with a portrait in a gallery. Over coffee in a local diner with the owner of the gallery and a local psychiatrist, Rex discusses this strange event and comes to understand the strange phenomenon of transference and the deep, human need for a high level love.

In “December Encounter,” farmer Benjamin Jones experiences heartbreak and near tragedy when his tiny daughter nearly dies from pneumonia. As he kneels to pray by an old chestnut tree, he is approached by an old man who guides him through this crisis by asking him to write a poem expressing his heartache and need. See how this poem leads into a Christmas miracle that saves the child’s life and gives the Jones family a truly blessed Christmas.

In “An Alpine Happening,” a young boy is born into a family of Mountain climbers, but at an early age contracted Rheumatic fever. His beloved Grandfather had climbed the mighty Eiger, but later lost his life on that same mountain. Climbing that mountain had become an impossible dream of the boys. Later, as the child’s life slipped away, his Grandfather appeared and led him up the mountain into the brilliance of the sunlight beyond.

In “Sunday Morning Christmas,” Billy Joe, an excellent father and provider for his family, comes to know that special peace that comes to those who know Christ as their personal Savior. Be inspired as his pastor quietly leads him to Christ through that sequence of scriptures known as The Roman Road.
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