Meet Tony


I was born in southern West Virginia on July 2, 1940 in a little community named Beech Run. There  were six children in my family and we were blessed in so many ways. As with most of the mountain folk, there was not a lot of money but there was indeed a lot of love. We lived within a stones throw of New River, and dad used this river and the mountains to supplement his pay from the nearby railroad. The fish and fame were always plentiful. My mom was somewhat of a poet in her own right, with her love for God reflected in her love for people and the many poems and songs she wrote down through the years. Beech Run Baptist church was only a few hundred yards up the road, and it was in this church that I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, with my baptism being in New River, which was just a short walk down the road.

I graduated from nearby Hinton High School in 1959 and I count it another blessing in my life to have been a part of this particular class. Over the years this relatively small class has remained close. There was not a lot of difference in family values or work ethic as we were all part of the same mountain mold. After High School, I graduated from Marshall University with a major in chemistry and still later received a master’s degree from Central Michigan University in management. My first years were spent as an applications research chemist, followed by several years as a textile colorist, a color specialist in pigments and then a customers relations specialist to round out my last few years before retirement. This last assignment gave me opportunity to visit many places around the world and to make many new friends.

Somewhere along the way I started to write. It is indeed my hope and desire that I can somehow touch your mind and heart, somehow sharing the feeling, passion and love that I have for others and that others have shown to me down through the years.

Love and blessings,
Tony B Ratliff, Sr.