My Works

When I was an underclassman at Marshall University, more years ago than I even care to remember, I was blessed to be a lab assistant to Dr. James Douglas, who was a very brilliant chemist and the author of many papers.  After a while, he allowed me to co-publish with him and I was fortunate to have my name on work that was published world wide.  After graduating from Marshall, my working life was spent in and around laboratories and it afforded a pretty fair life for me and my family, but didn’t allow a lot of time to write, although I did fill a few boxes with odds and ends, mostly unorganized thoughts.  Now that I am retired, I hope to share with you some of the stories that I have written down through the years along with some of my current material.

Some of my first work goes all the way back to the early 1970’s.  At the time I was really having a ‘down’ period and found that writing was indeed an outlet for pent up emotions. Through studying and working almost non-stop at Marshall, my church attendance and prayer life had slowed and I had strayed spiritually.  Writing and prayer helped me to reconnect and get back on track.  A listing of what I consider to be some of my better work is as follows:

To Those Who Feel – This was one of my first works.  It is written in verse and is based on nature.  This work takes us for a stroll through the seasons and seeks to illustrate the tenderness and love of God that we can feel just by observing nature.  To really understand our environment and how we fit in is to enhance our awareness of this love.  We are indeed a part of a beautiful design.

Just Beyond Words –  This was written while I was taking some philosophy courses at the College Of Charleston (SC).  I was studying Aesthetics at the time and I decided to analyze Beauty.  This, also written in verse, was my view on beauty.  It was through this study that I realized just how closely love and beauty are connected. Behind every sunset, every full moon, every rainbow and every snow covered mountain is a love that drives that appreciation.  It could be an enhanced love of God, or it can be the love of a person.  Either way it makes life worth living.

December Encounter – This was one of my first short stories and remains one of my favorites even to this day.  It took place in the 1930,s and I wrote it with the purpose in mind of a Hallmark Hall of Fame type offering for television.  I wrote it with Michael Landon in mind as the lead with Ernest Borgnine as the old man, who represents the hidden consciousness of Ben, the father figure in the story.  I had input on this story from Scott Meredith, a well known literary agent in New York. At the time, Scott was also the agent of Norman Mailer and several other rather well known figures, one of which was Spiro Agnew.  He wrote a three page critique of this work, which I have kept to this day.  Although he did not get it televised at the time, I still have hopes. I grieve that both Michael Landon and Ernest Borgnine have since passed, but they will forever be in my mind as the leading characters in this story.

     We Fly At Dawn This may be one of the most significant stories that I have ever written.  Although it is about a flock of migrating ducks, it is obviously an abstract work. It reflects a time in my life when I was really down but managed to make it back to sunlight through the love and guidance of loved ones who had more faith in me than I had in myself.  This work is filled with metaphors and thoughts that should tie us together as humans and accentuate the beauty of our existence through the love and beauty which we see in the wild. This short story has since been published as the the lead story in my book ,WE Fly At Dawn and other Selections.

An Alpine Happening – The Eiger is a mountain in the Alps that has always been a fascination to me.  It is a very difficult mountain which has taken the life of so many, especially those who tried to climb the north side.  Along the way I have known many people who have had their own mountain to climb, especially children with some incurable malady.  I used this setting to show that hope and love does indeed spring eternal and at the end of life and through the love of God we will be absorbed into a brilliance more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine.  This is now included in my book, We fly At Dawn and Other Selections.

Sunday Morning Christmas – This is a simple, little Christian story about a father’s love for his family and how he came to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  The purpose of this work is to offer a guide for leading someone to Christ and to accentuate the peace that passeth understanding that one can have through Christ.

For those of you versed in such matters, the method used in the story is the sequence of scriptures known as ‘The Roman Road’.  This story is also included in We fly At Dawn and Other Selections.

The Hobo and the Dog Back when I was working and drove to work every morning, there was this beautiful Golden Retriever  that someone dropped by the road.  Several of us tried to catch the dog but to no avail.  He would run back in the woods, but the next morning, there he was again, waiting for whoever dropped him off.  We left food for him everyday until a car ultimately took his life.  Over this period of time, I affectionately started calling this dog ‘Hobo’.   He would whimper, hold up his paw and try to be friends, but only from a distance.  That dog was absolutely not going to trust anyone again, but seemed sure that his owners would come back.  About that same time, our own Golden Retriever, Taylor, died from kidney failure. The genesis of this little story, written in verse, was through my love for this dog, Hobo, and my own dog, Taylor. This story started off as a poem, but soon transformed  into a book. It starting out as a treatise on pet therapy, but soon incorporated a whole range of holistic therapies, including prayer, poetry and music.  The gist of the story was how this dog befriended and saved the life of a lonely, heartbroken man who lost his family and turned to the life of a hobo. This book is available on, and Barnes and Noble .com and on most all E book sources.

     People are Poetry:  I find that most everyone I meet and many of my personal experiences are really poems waiting to be written; some comedy, some tragedy, but all beautiful! This composite comprises a few of what I consider to be the most significant of these experiences, along with a few words on the setting behind each. There was the lesson I learned from my mom concerning that flower which grew in the crevice on the cliff across the creek, and from which ‘The Flower across the Creek’ originated.  Then there was a fellow by the name of Scottie with whom I worked and who made up and told us stories about his family, which later turned out to be a make believe family of a very lonely man.  Sadly, it was after his passing before this truth came to light. Then, there was the true story about Walter the Coal Miner. After his wife died, he was swindled out of his life savings by a hot, young thing in a red, mini dress! This true life happening in Logan County , West Virginia was both humorous  and sad. This poem, plus so many others, may both amuse and also help you get through the day and through life. It is my wish that everyone is indeed helped by these experiences! The Lord knows I was! This work is still under progress.

Prayer, Pets and Poetry – Not withstanding some chemical imbalance or other organic cause that can rob one of peace of mind and which may require some medication,  there are therapies out there that are yours for the taking!  There have been countless stories and studies on the benefits of prayer, pets and poetry and how they can help you regain peace of mind.  This little booklet will help you get though some of those dark storms to the brilliant sunlight on the other side!  Kneeling and prolonged praying for others, holding a pet close to your heart or writing a poem to or about someone you love will all help you achieve a measure of peace in your life. This work is also under progress.

High Level Love – This little story is about a man who fell in love with a portrait! He was a librarian who loved helping people with their literary needs, but also loved the arts. One day he fell in love with a painting of a beautiful lady.  He visited the gallery every day for years, just to gaze upon that portrait. Later, the man had a heart attack and died on the steps of the Gallery. The artist who owned the Gallery consulted his friend, a Psychiatrist, to explain this behavior, who explained the thirst in the human heart that longs for a high level love; a need that often manifests itself in the phenomena known as transference. After the death of the man, his artist friend painted him, hand in hand with the beautiful lady, into the portrait.  This is also one of the stories included in ‘We Fly At Dawn and Other Selections’.

My Songs:

      I have an old guitar, a Gibson C-1 Classic, which I have had for many years.  Although I do not read music and by no means could be considered ‘accomplished, I have picked up a few chords down through the years.  Some of the songs I have written, with a few words on their inspiration, are as follows:

Living Water – One of the greatest programs that my church or any church could ever have is the celebrate recovery program.  This is a program that is designed to help those who are seeking to recover from any of many maladies that affect our society, such as alcohol, hard drugs, spousal abuse, divorce, etc.  Chip Greene is one of the leaders of this program in my church, Northwood Baptist, in North Charleston, S.C.  Often I have heard Chip say that we are all recovering from something and that we are either in recovery or in denial.  I think this is very true and very profound! So, for all the beautiful people who come out on Friday nights to participate in this program, I have written this song.  In this song, I have tried to show that the word of God is the Living Water that will provide the answers, quench the thirst and heal the pain of an aching heart.

Jesus Controls It All –  No matter how we feel or how out of control the world appears to be, it is comforting to know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and that he is in control.

May We Remember – whatever the circumstances of life, we must always reflect on  the beauty of the cross.  Whenever we seem to be caught up in the troubles or situations that pull us down and rob us of our peace of mind, we should stop and reflect on what Christ went through so long ago when he was nailed to the cross  – – – and how he overcame the burdens and pain, going on to the Glory beyond.

Just For You – I suspect that behind most every poem or song ever written there is a love that drives that desire for expression.  This song is simply my desire to analyze those thoughts and capture the feeling one has when gazing at a sunset, a snow-covered forest or most any breath-taking sight that truly awakens ones sense of aesthetics.

Glorybound Special – This is another southern gospel song using the analogy of a train. We don’t know when that train is coming through, but we better have our ticket firmly in hand! The sound is getting clearer and the train is getting nearer.  In the distance we can hear that whistle blow!

Freight Trains and Highways –  This song was written for inclusion in my book The Hobo and the Dog. It tells how God used a dog to answer the prayers of a very lonely man.